Bose PA Equipment for sale.

SOLD      We (the DCB’s) are in the process of upgrading our PA rig.  This means that we have for sale, two complete Bose PA systems. 

The first one is a powerful but compact system, comprising, 2x Bose 802 Speakers, Power Amp (1200W), Bose Controller,  Midiverb reverb,  2x. 31 band EQ’s, 12 channel mixer, multi-core,  speaker stands, cables, foot switches etc. 

The second one is a much bigger system, with 4x Bose speakers and stands, with Bose controller, 4000 watts worth of power amps, mixing desk, 60 metre multi-core, stage box etc.

Both systems have FBX feedback exterminators.

The Systems also work well together, to create a very powerful 6000 watt system.

(The only thing we are not selling, are our microphones)

It has occurred to us that before we sell all this gear off to music stores etc, it would be a good idea to let the Bluegrass fraternity know that there is some top quality pa gear available at very reasonable prices.

For more info and prices:    Please use “Bose” for the subject line.

Photo’s on request.    SOLD