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Meet the Band.

First formed in 1964, the Down County Boys are the UK’s longest established Bluegrass Band.

During that time there have been a total of thirty one musicians pass through the ranks, some staying for a long time and some, for just a short while.

The longest reigning member, and captain of the “good ship DCB” being Peter Parker.

Pete joined the band in 1969 and is still the leader of the Down County Boys to this day.  That is some achievement by anyone’s standards and I believe that we owe the success and the longevity of the band to the unswerving dedication, relentless hard work, and passion of one man, my good friend,  Peter Parker.                                                                                                                                                                                     Mick Cooper.

Peter Parker.     Fiddle/Viola/Vocals

Chris Cooper.    Banjo/Guitar/Vocals

Ray Duffy.          Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals

Mick Cooper.     Upright Bass/Guitar/Vocals 

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Cherokee Shuffle.     This track was recorded at the home of the late Mr. Ken Harris, founder member of the DCB’s.  With Mr. Dan Norton playing Mandolin.


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Dan and Jacey’s Wedding day! Wonderful day, Lovely people, great friends, fabulous weather and above all great…

Posted by The Down County Boys on Friday, 1 March 2019
Great fun at the NWBF with this tune,  Orange Blossom Special       More Video’s Here.

Please – STAY AT HOME!

Festivals 2019.

Bluegrass festival season is now over for another year. Sadly, 2019 has seen the end of some of the UK’s best loved festivals, so for 2020 it looks like the UK festival calendar will have a very different look.


Indeed, the 2020 calendar looks far different than any of us could possibly have imagined. As far as we are aware, all of the UK festivals dates are now cancelled until restrictions are lifted. To look on the positive side, we all have time to practice our chosen instruments at home, and thanks to the various video/conference platforms that are now available, we can even work with others. (Can’t wait to hear how well rehearsed we’ll all be for the 2023 season eh!)

Please, please stay at home and help our wonderful NHS and all of the other key workers to get us through this awful time. Stay Safe!    

Please – STAY AT HOME!

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For a complete calendar of UK Bluegrass Festivals/Events please check the the BBMA Events page

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